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New After Effects CS3 Books

2 great new After Effects CS3 books

After Effects Classroom in a Book from AdobePress: 473 pages with a CD with lesson materials and extras. Chapters cover basics and more plus new features, 14 chapters in all. Included is a great chapter on 3D layers, cameras and lights, as well and the new Puppet tools. Let’s not forget, this book is one of the building blocks for taking the Adobe Certified Expert test (ACE) exam.

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the iPhone Book

No it is not about AE but worthy just the same…the iPhone Book

Sometimes you just have to pass on a few things that make your life better, and for those of us who have a cell phone (who doesn’t these days), this is one of them.

I recently purchased the iPhone, I know it was a ton of cash but the phone is actually worth every penny. But this is not the reason for this entry…it is the cool book about the iPhone, called "The iPhone Book: How to Do the Things You Want to do with Your iPhone" by Scott Kelby and Terry White.

Seems the documentation from Apple both in the box and on Apple site are a bit thin, so this book is worth picking up. Excellent photos, clear instruction and extra tips as well.

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