New Book from Chris and Trish Meyer

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Fourth Edition is out now and of course is required reading by all and anyone who uses or wants to use After Effects. It covers Essential and Advanced Techniques, including After Effects CS3.

The book is broken down in the following 14 parts: Animation Techniques, Layer Management, Modes-Masks-Mattes, Cameras-Lights-Action, Building Hierarchies, Text Animation, Effects and Presets, Color & Keying, Time & Tracking, Drawing-Painting & Puppetry, Working with Audio, Expressions, Importing & Integration, Exporting & Rendering. At over 690 pages it will take a while to get through it, but as someone who has read Trish and Chris’ first two books, it is well worth it.

One of the things I like about their books is it re-awakens some of the rarely used tools in AE that have been around for ever, but no one even knows they are there….case in point, the Align and Distribute function. Most of the users I poll at events didn’t know that tool existed, but no shame here, there are loads of features in Photoshop that go unscene as well. That and the wealth of tips and tricks you learn with each book is great.

I have all of Trish and Chris Meyers books and I consider it money well spent.