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Photoshop CS3 Extended Animation Movie

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Here is a quick look at something cool you can do in Photoshop Extended to create hand drawn animations using the new Video Layers feature.
This was created by Michael Coleman the After Effects Product Manager….a man of many talents.

It is included in the Samples folder of Photoshop CS3 extended.

After Effects 8.0.2 update is ready

The After Effects 8.0.2 update is ready to download. There are some cool fixes in this update, namely native support for import and editing from Panasonic’s P2 format….without transcoding or rewrapping. For all you Leopard fans, it adds support for you as well.

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Quicktime 7.4 – Don’t Upate yet

Wait a while before updating to QT 7.4. It introduces serious incompatibility with After Effects and Premiere Pro. Adobe is working with Apple to resolve the issue and I will post any news soon as I hear something.

I know downloading/renting movies from Itunes is cool, but just wait.

Adobe-Maxon Power Integration Tour 2

I am proud to say we are back on the road again with the Adobe Maxon Power Integration tour…ROUND 2
We missed a few of our favorite cities last year so we are coming to them in 2008. We loved doing this tour and from your feedback, you did too!

This tour is all about Two Powerhouse Packages – One Dynamic Workflow.
The Power Integration Tour demonstrates how you can enjoy increased speed and efficiency in your production pipeline by combining the power of Adobe CS3 Production Premium and MAXON CINEMA 4D. The Adobe/MAXON workflow is the proven choice for top motion design studios worldwide.

Oh…and did I mention $60,000.00 in prizes.

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