Sapphire Plug-ins ver 2.03 now available

Plugins for After Effects are a favorite subject of mine, and I am excited to share the news that GenArts has released version 2.03 of their Sapphire plugins. These have become industry standards for anyone serious about effects work. They have been used in movies like: X-Men3, Spiderman and commercials galore. I have included there demo reel here and a basic overview as well.

Over 30 new effects and many enhancements in version 2.
Includes support for Adobe CS3 and Smart FX.
Support for Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and Mac Intel hardware.
Support for Windows Vista.
More than 200 total plug-ins for image processing and synthesis.
All plug-ins have multiple options and parameters that can be adjusted and animated for creating an unlimited range of effects.
Resolution independent, antialiased, high quality images.
Online hyper-linked documentation for all plug-ins.
Dual, Quad, and 8-core support for faster rendering.
On-screen user interface for visual control of parameters in After Effects and Premiere Pro.
Only one license is needed to use the plug-ins with all AE compatible applications on the same computer.
Free network rendering on After Effects

I am will be looking at these effects and cranking out a few demos of my favs.

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