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Siggraph 2008 and Crazyhorse Effects

Siggraph was great this year. Myself, if you caught me, I was in both Intel and HP booths showing Production Premium and some cool After Effects demos I created for HP’s new 30 bit monitor. I also had a great surprise visit by Paul Graff from Crazy Horse Effects (formerly of Digital Backlot).

The film and effects crowd (and Paul Graff) was loving this new HP Monitor, 30 bit RGB LED technology, check it out on HP’s website.

The show was busy, size wise down a bit from last year but busy crowd and seemed more focused on film/fx crowd than students like it has been in the past.

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Adobe Maxon Power Integration Tour Movie

The tour is going well, San Francisco, Vancouver and Seattle yesterday. People interested in Cinema 4D and After Effects integration are learning a great deal from this tour, and expanding their services by looking at the unique and seamless workflow offered by Adobe Production Premium.

Here is a sample of just one of the Broadcast News open pieces…I will be posting a few tutorials from this tour over the next week.

The C4D tutorials will be on the Maxon site. Check out the Flash video

Adobe-Maxon Power Integration Tour 2

I am proud to say we are back on the road again with the Adobe Maxon Power Integration tour…ROUND 2
We missed a few of our favorite cities last year so we are coming to them in 2008. We loved doing this tour and from your feedback, you did too!

This tour is all about Two Powerhouse Packages – One Dynamic Workflow.
The Power Integration Tour demonstrates how you can enjoy increased speed and efficiency in your production pipeline by combining the power of Adobe CS3 Production Premium and MAXON CINEMA 4D. The Adobe/MAXON workflow is the proven choice for top motion design studios worldwide.

Oh…and did I mention $60,000.00 in prizes.

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