the iPhone Book

No it is not about AE but worthy just the same…the iPhone Book

Sometimes you just have to pass on a few things that make your life better, and for those of us who have a cell phone (who doesn’t these days), this is one of them.

I recently purchased the iPhone, I know it was a ton of cash but the phone is actually worth every penny. But this is not the reason for this entry…it is the cool book about the iPhone, called "The iPhone Book: How to Do the Things You Want to do with Your iPhone" by Scott Kelby and Terry White.

Seems the documentation from Apple both in the box and on Apple site are a bit thin, so this book is worth picking up. Excellent photos, clear instruction and extra tips as well.

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Shape Layers in After Effects CS3

Do you remember when they integrated key components of Photoshop into After Effects, well they did it again with Illustrator!
We all know how using Adobe Illustrator files in AE has been in the past, well maybe some of you don’t, but it did work, although, you did need to know a few tricks to get it all working seamlessly. We have all been hoping for better integration and now you have it and it is called Shape Layers!

I have been showing this for a month or two now and it is definitely one of the coolest new features of AE CS3. The AE team integrated the necessary parts of Adobe Illustrator into AE and then some.

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Worthy Upcoming Tour

A few months ago I approached the Maxon Cinema 4D folks with an idea to create a tour showing the powerful the integration between After Effects CS3 and C4D. If you use 3D software now or are interested in learning about both applications, you won’t want to miss it. It is called the ADOBE-MAXON POWER INTEGRATION TOUR.

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Paint/Clone on Movies in Photoshop Tip

Well, can I say that after years of prodding the Photoshop team for more video features, they really pulled it off this time. They always surprise us every release with new features, but there are some extra special ones in PS Extended in CS3, and one of them is opening a movie or sequence in Photoshop. The feedback on this at NAB in the booth was overwhelming….”Holy S–T, are you kidding me?” was the normal response when I demo’d it. I had a chance to speak with John Nack (has a great blog) and the 2 engineers who pioneered this new feature at NAB this April and after sharing your collective responses to them they, to say the least, grinned like proud parents…..and rightly so! After Effects has great Paint and Clone capabilities, but always wanting more, especially in the film business having all of the PS tools available opens up new territories.

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Welcome and a few thoughts

Welcome to Steve Whatley’s After Effects Cookbook Blog. If you love After Effects like I do, you are in the right place. My idea here is to pass on, After Effects (AE) cool stuff with a focus on the 3D side of AE, integration with 3D applications, 3rd party plugins and WORKFLOW. If you are all about motion graphics and effects you can’t go wrong here.

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