Agile and Leadership – Turn the Ship Around – part 2

My first post on this book (read it here if you haven’t already) generated quite a bit of feedback & social media activity, and one comment by friend and agile coach Rob Myers (@agilecoach) really stuck out for me:

These align nicely with Dan Pink’s autonomy (decentralized control), mastery (technical competence), and purpose (clarity of the mission). Thanks for the excellent analysis! I’ll be sharing this.

The funny thing is, I’ve probably watched the RSAnimate video of Dan Pink(@DanielPink – check it out below – well worth the time) more than 100 times since I often show it in training classes, and I’ve read the book (Drive) twice. I’m a big fan of Dan’s podcast (Office Hours) and his other books, and I still didn’t make that link! Thanks to Rob for connecting the dots for me between Turn the Ship Around (experience) and Drive (behavioral economics/neuroscience).

Here’s the Dan Pink Ted talk animated, just in case you haven’t seen it yet!

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