Flex 3.x Versioning and Portals

While most of my colleagues are busy working on Flex 4, a few of us have been working on something we’re calling the “Marshall Plan”. Most of you won’t ever need it, but some really important customers do. If you want to make a Flex Portal, or have the kind of application where it is impractical to update all of the SWFs that make up the application to the latest version, or if you just have a lot of time on your hands, then the following link might be of interest to you.
The Marshall Plan

One Response to Flex 3.x Versioning and Portals

  1. mukesh says:

    Nice example
    can u add textbox in the header for filtering the record from the grid and without breaking the normal functionality of the Advanced DataGrid.
    I have created one sample with the help of header renderer i am using the vbox place of header and inside vbox call textbox and button for header now data is filtering but sorting and other feature of the grid have been gone.
    plz. help me
    Thanks in advance…..
    Alex responds:
    Check with Sameer Bhatt for ADG issues. http://techrays.wordpress.com/