Flex Authority Magazine

I think I can finally say I got something published! Gordon Smith and I contributed to the first issue of Flex Authority, a new magazine (made of actual paper!) that focuses on Flex and AIR. We hope to be regular contributors. The link to find out more is: http://www.flex-authority.com/. Buy your subscription today. We won’t make any money from it, but this post is to thank them for working with us and to help them get the word out so they can make some money.

3 Responses to Flex Authority Magazine

  1. Jake Hawkes says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the font they chose for “Flick” makes it look like a very different word?

  2. Just ordered the first issue! They said it should come in 2 weeks (I live in Ukraine) – can’t wait to get the paper issue devoted to Flex & AIR!

  3. Josh says:

    I read through the columns section on the flight home from the 360:Flex and I was very impressed. This is a great publication and is well worth the cover price!