Constrained Drag and Drop

I’ve seen a few questions about how to restrict drag and drop so you can’t just drag something anywhere. I had some spare cycles so I put this together. There are probably several ways to do this, but I chose to delay the mouseMove handler to run after the DragManager has done its work, and reposition the dragImage and cursor in the mouseMove handler.
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You should be able to create variants that only allow vertical movement or don’t allow the dragImage outside of a certain rectangle.
Usual caveats apply. And yes, it isn’t a real game and doesn’t handle overlaying tiles.

2 Responses to Constrained Drag and Drop

  1. Russ Back says:

    Nice one Alex.
    I had a need recently to restrict drag and drop between two AdvancedDataGrids and came up with the below. Be interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. Francisc says:

    Very nice, Alex!