Spark Menu and MenuBar for Flex 4.5

A few folks pointed out that the Menu and MenuBar prototypes I put together based on Spark List are not working in Flex 4.5. I found enough time to try to get it working again. I also added support for a MenuBar item that doesn’t have a menu.

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7 Responses to Spark Menu and MenuBar for Flex 4.5

  1. eng. Nikolov says:

    Did you try to test by selecting some element ?

  2. Tink says: might be of interest. Base on DropDownList, which i guess is a glorified List.

  3. Crikos says:

    Hi – thanks a lot for your work, I was searching for that.
    I tried to implement your Sparkmenubar, unfortunately I was running in an error:
    “Eventtyp ‘SparkMenuEvent’ is not available” (translated from german).
    The Error happens on the following part of code:

    rollOut=”submenu_rollOutHandler(event)” />
    inside SparkMenuItemRenderer.

    I put all files into an own Package in my Source Path and changed all Package Names.

    Any Ideas or suggestions ?

    Thank you very much.

  4. Kirthi says:

    Thanks a lot……
    I’m a student of doing bachelors of computer enginering in coimbatore,India
    I’m doing my mini project using adobe flex… i want to know how to connect sql with adobe flex..plz help me