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Playpanel 1.4 is here!!

After introducing a revamped home screen and an alert capability in the previous version, Playpanel 1.4 was released few days back. So what exactly does the new Playpanel version hold in its kitty? Lets take a closer look.

Play Better

First and foremost, Playpanel is now available in 15 international languages which makes it accessible, globally. A major effort has also been put in to improve the performance of the application and the results have been amazing. Navigation through different parts of the application is super fast. Now you can also open Playpanel in windowed mode just like any other normal windows application. This makes it very useful for the users who want to drag it across multiple screens, minimize it to taskbar as per their wish.

Playpanel 1.4

Playpanel 1.4

Starting with 1.4 release, users can also view the games pinned by their Facebook friends within the Friends tab. This keeps them updated about what their friends like and a chance to try them out. Likewise, you can share your favourite games and also view them in the newly introduced Pinned games tab on the top. Additionally, you can invite any of your Facebook friend who is not on Playpanel, right at the click of a button.

All in all, Playpanel 1.4 offers an array of exciting features to take the users’ game playing experience to a whole new level.

If you are a game publisher, and are interested in making your game reach out to more users, please let us know by dropping a mail to

Play more, Play better!

Adobe Playpanel : Play Better, Play More

Today, it’s all about games! The online gaming industry is growing by leaps & bounds. And with this growth comes the challenge for game developers and publishers like you to market their games.

Making your game discoverable amongst the million others is the biggest hurdle. Not just that, after users visit your game for the first time, the next challenge is to get them back to your game.

Playpanel's Home Screen

Playpanel’s Home Screen

Adobe Playpanel aims to help you in this regard by providing a platform to showcase your games to a large number of users, retain them more, thereby eventually increasing your revenues. Playpanel is a desktop application, which shows high quality games, which are either hand picked by our editors or are the ones which get played most by the users around the world. Users need to login into Playpanel using their Facebook account, and that helps Playpanel in suggesting games to them which are played by their friends.

Game Details Panel

Game Details Panel

Playpanel is capable of showing games built using any technology (Flash, HTML5, Unity, etc.), but works slightly better for Flash based games. That’s because it is integrated with Flash Player, thereby providing the users with the added convenience of managing all their games automatically, without any manual intervention.

If you are a game publisher, and are interested in making your game reach out to more users, please let us know by dropping a mail to

Play better, Play more!

External hosting of secondary SWFs for AIR apps on iOS

Starting with AIR 3.7, application developers will be able to host their secondary SWFs on an external server and load them on demand as per their application logic.

Till AIR 3.5, loading of only assets such as images, videos and SWFs without actionscript code, commonly referred as Actionscript Byte Code(ABC Code), from external server was supported. The workflow for the application developer for loading such assets from server resembles the diagram below :

 AIR 3.5 Workflow

With AIR 3.6, the feature for loading of locally packaged secondary SWFs containing ABC code was introduced. The detailed description about this feature and its usage can be found at this blog – “Packaging and loading of multiple SWFs for AIR apps on iOS“. The workflow for the application developer using this feature is described in the diagram below:

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