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Silencing audio on iOS with Ambient Audio Playback Mode

The aural experience of an application is just as impactful as the visual or gestural experiences. A good background score and sound control can be the making of a runaway hit, just as a bad one can ruin a perfectly great application. As a result, it’s very important to get the audio accompaniments of your application just right. In Adobe AIR, the SoundMixer.audioPlaybackMode property gives some control over the behavior of audio output. Now, in the upcoming Adobe AIR 3.4, the application developer has another option to fine tune audio output – the new Ambient AudioPlaybackMode. You can download Adobe AIR 3.4 beta from Adobe Labs.

Upto Adobe AIR 3.3, there were only two modes: Media and Voice. Both these modes play sound in a manner assuming that the sound is central to the operation of the application. In these modes, sound continues to play even when the application is in the background or if the screen is locked. Most importantly, sound played in these modes does not obey the hardware silent switch on iPhones and iPads.

The new Ambient AudioPlaybackMode in Adobe AIR 3.4  fills in the requirement for a sound that is just an accompaniment to your application, not its main purpose. On iOS, Ambient mode allows the user to silence your application by flipping the silent switch or locking the screen. To use Ambient mode, simply set the audioPlaybackMode property of the SoundMixer class to AudioPlaybackMode.AMBIENT.

SoundMixer.audioPlaybackMode  =  AudioPlaybackMode.AMBIENT;

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