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AOT or Interpreter

Traditionally, computer programs can be executed in three possible ways – interpreted, static (ahead-of-time) compilation and Just In time (JIT). In interpreted mode, the code is translated from high-level language to low level language during execution whereas in ahead-of-time compilation the high-level language code is converted to low-level machine code before hand. JIT (Just in time) compilation is a hybrid approach of the two. Here the code translation into native code occurs during the execution time and the translated code is cached so that this conversion need not be done every time. Obviously there is a small penalty when compared to ahead-of-time compilation as there is a cost associated with this translation.

After this brief introduction lets get into the Adobe AIR world and what is there in it for an iOS AIR developer. SWF content on all platforms other than iOS is JIT compiled, whenever possible. The swf is downloaded locally and JIT compiled where possible. Continue reading…

AIR 3.3 now supports iOS SDK 5.1

iOS 5The latest release of AIR SDK (version 3.3) now supports iOS 5.1 SDK. AIR 3.3 SDK includes stubs of all the frameworks and the public libraries available in iOS 5.1 SDK. Frameworks that have been added as stubs in the AIR 3.3 SDK are Accounts, Twitter, NewsstandKit, CoreBluetooth, CoreImage, GSKit and GLKit. Some of the public libraries whose stubs have been added into the AIR SDK are libxml2.dylib, libsqlite3.dylib, libAWDProtocolbuf.dylib and many more. This change relieves the AIR developer of the following requirements:-

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