Photoshop #AdobeMAX Sessions Now Available

Good morning! It was a whirlwind of activity last week at #AdobeMAX and I’m still trying to process everything I witnessed. As an attendee I hope you left feeling as excited & inspired as I did. This year I was fortunate enough to deliver two presentations during the conference. I’m happy to share S5085 – Photoshop CC Productivity Tips and S5086 – Photoshop CC Beginners Roadmap which you can view online.

As mentioned in the session I will be posting additional materials here on the blog this week.

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  1. Thank you AJ! Your class was really great! I am happy to have this to go through again, I was struggling with notes I made in your class. It seemed so easy when you explained everything and then on my machine I was lost!
    This is MUCH appreciated! Thank you! Anjalika.

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