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Tracking What’s New in Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud Desktop Apps

A primary benefit of Creative Cloud is ongoing feature releases for desktop apps. The Creative Cloud Packager allows IT to manage those updates, deploying in a manner best suited for their company environment. It can be tough keeping up with every release so I’ve provided a list of popular CC apps with links to their “What’s New” timeline.

Creative Cloud | Creative Cloud Desktop App

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Photoshop CC | Lightroom Classic CC | Lightroom CC | Bridge CC

Dimension CC | Illustrator CC | InDesign CC | Acrobat DC

Adobe XD | Dreamweaver CC | Muse CC | Animate CC (Formerly Flash CC) |

Premiere Pro CC | Premiere Rush | After Effects CC | Character Animator CC | Audition CC


Check Current Status of Creative Cloud

Before You Upgrade to Creative Cloud 2015

Creative Cloud 2015 has been released, and you’re probably anxious to click the Update button on your CC desktop app. Here are a few things you should know before you do:

Creative Cloud App VersionsCC 2015 is a major version upgrade not a minor version update. This means CC 2015 apps are completely new standalone versions of your favorite software. This is the third major version release since the official introduction of Creative Cloud.

CC 2015 apps can coexist with their previous versions, except for Acrobat & Muse. If you’re currently using plugins for certain Adobe apps, you may wish to retain the previous version until the plugin has been updated for CC 2015. (IT may also wish to test CC 2015 before releasing into production environments).

NOTE – CC 2015 removes previous versions by default. (Based on customer feedback this is a change from the CC 2014 release last year)

Wait, I know what your asking.

“What if I don’t want to remove previous versions?”

Advanced Options for CC UpdatesWhen clicking the Update button for the first time, you will have an chance to modify settings under Advanced Options. Simply uncheck the option “Remove old versions” to retain the previous version of an app. Don’t worry if you missed this and upgraded your apps. You can always reinstall an older version if necessary.

NOTE – If you are a DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) customer, you may want to keep InDesign CC 2014 while looking at updating your existing digital apps.