The second post

Getting to the second post is what most bloggers fail to get to. So let me correct that!!!

Oxygen Farming

What is the most precious resource?
Gold. How long can you live without gold. Maybe a lifetime?
Money. If you are in US or any of the developed countries in the world maybe you can live without it, on Welfare.
Food. Many people are known to survive without food for quite a few days.
Water. Now you are coming close. Three days without water could probably prove fatal to you.
But is there something more precious than Water? The answer is yes. Its air or more specifically oxygen and yes you will die without oxygen in a very short time. Try holding your breath for around five minutes.
Yes its true best things in life used to come free.
When a new product comes out you initially you get a few free copies. But after some time the company expects you to pay. The earth corporation had given a few things to us free like air and water and now it expects us to pay. I guess most of us are paying for the water we drink. So one thing which is still free is Oxygen.
Have you wondered how much oxygen you burn in a year? Every litre of fuel which you use in you car burns around 1800 litres of oxygen. That is a huge amount. Someone has to pay. And probably if things go well it is going to be you !!
Otherwise in some time CO2 levels will increase Polar icecaps will fully melt,few cities will be buried underwater. There will be lot more tsunamis and katrinas. Anyways life will not be very pleasant for some people to say the least.
Anyways the payment I was talking about was not the above but something much more mundane. You will have to pay in $$$$ for the oxygen you use up. So whats the cost of 1800 litres of oxygen you use up?
Anyways 1800 litres sounds huge but its just 2.5 kg of oxygen. Is there a cheap oxygen making machine???
There is a oxygen making machine its called a tree. Its cheap but somehow when you have to pay for it is not cheap anymore. So how long would a tree take to make 2.5 kgs of oxygen? One tree makes 120 kgs of oxygen in a year. If you do the math you will figure out you require to rent a tree for 3 days to pay for your oxygen consumption for your one litre of fuel.
Currently you wont find trees for rent. And since the market is not yet started the cost could be prohibitive. Can you imagine paying 1 dollar for the litre of petrol and 2 dollars for the oxygen you use???
Where will you find such trees for rent???
So now finally we reach to the topic. Oxygen farming. How much does it cost to rent a tree? Probably free market,competition etc come into the picture. You can then imagine a ‘farm’ in some interior of russia. Maybe say 10000 acres of land filled with trees. Making tonnes of cheap oxygen per year which will be sold to the highest bidder.
Who is going to pay. You can bet your bottom dollar its going to be you. Whether the OPEC countries who make all the oil pays. Or the countries buying the oil. It really does not matter. At the end of the day what you pay extra for that one litre of gas.
Ofcourse there are already such places known as rainforests. Which makes huge amount of oxygen. Currently these countries are the losers breathing in all the dirty air for free but they could be big winners if they start to flex their muscles and oxygen trading/farming becomes a reality. You wont require go green posters to conserve rainforests when the coutries get paid to keep their rainforest asis annually.
Anyways the dynamics of how exactly oxygen farming will take place is not easy to predict. Maybe the oxygen tax you pay for the green petrol you use be paid to NGO’s who would finally pay the oxygen farmers.
I and you might gladly pay 5 cents extra for every litre of fuel I consume. Rather than have the deaths of all the penguins on my consience or other related natural calamaties. But its probably going to be a bit more than that. Bit more than the average human bieng will pay volunteerily so its upto the government/UN/World Powers etc etc to decide and make us swallow this bitter oxygen tax pill.
Who all will be affected. All people who use fuel factory owners,car owners etc etc. They wont have a choice it will be indirect taxation. It is so prevalent we dont even realize it. Probably out of 1 dollar you spend for toothpaste 10 cents is tax. Similarly 1 dollar worth of petrol would have a few cents worth of oxygen tax. Maybe the pill is not so bitter after all.
It might feel its a sacrilege to marry the noble ideals of environment consiousness with consumerism and commercialism. But if you think deeply you might figure out thats the only way it will work.
In the long run only those products are made which can be sold. Be it a car or packaged drinking water or oxygen.