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Premiere Pro – It Isn’t Finished…

We’ve all had a phenomenal time recently launching Premiere Pro CS6 into the wild and hope you’re having fun with it. CS6 has been a real labor of love for us and it’s great to get such positive feedback from editors trying it out for the first time.


But I want to make this clear in case you thought we were all now planning to sit on a beach in Hawaii sipping cocktails for the foreseeable future – we’re not finished, and not by any means. We’ve released a major update every year for the last several, and are excited by the possibilities for interim updates offered to us by the Creative Cloud. CS6 was born out of intently listening to real-world editors and getting feedback, and as we move into planning our future, that feedback is what we need the most, to keep us on track, building an application that you love and want to use.


There are various ways to give us your feedback, but the best way to request features is to go here. And see here for other ways. Don’t hold back. We can take it.


I also want to point out that some features in CS6 are in their infancy, and if you like what you’ve seen so far – well, you’ll love what’s coming. We worked hard to get a lot of brand new technology under the hood in this release – effects acceleration and how we connect with third-party hardware, for example – and are excited by what the future has in store.


We’re in this for the long haul, and we can’t build an app you love without hearing from you. So keep those requests coming. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must sign off. I need to top up my sunscreen and grab another Margarita.