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Cairngorm 2 – ASDoc Available

You may have seen by now that we have released Cairngorm 2 for Flex 2 over on Adobe Labs.

The Cairngorm 2 release on labs contains the source code only at the moment, but we’re very busy in the background putting together more Cairngorm documentation and samples for the Flex community.

So, with a huge thanks to Brian Deitte of the Flex Team, we’re able to provide you with the API documentation for Cairngorm 2. These docs can be downloaded from here for now, but we’ll get the up on labs over the next few days.

The API docs are in the same ASDoc format as the Flex 2 Documentation, so should be immediately familiar to you.

I’ve already noticed a few formatting errors in the docs, and we will get those fixed for the release we put on labs, but please let us know if you think anything needs changed or updated in the meantime.

You can download the Cairngorm 2 documentation here.