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Flexcoders – Message Volume Flex Graph

I was doing some administration on the FlexCoders mailing list today, when I noticed the statistics showing the number of posts per month. Now, this isn’t new information, but I wondered what it would look like in a Flex graph. So, here it is:

As well as graphing the number of posts per month, I also added a moving average series in there too – just because I could 😉

Apart from a few downward spikes during the holiday seasons, there has been unrelenting growth in the number of posts to the group since iteration::two started it two and a half years. However, the main point of note is that the growth since Flex 2 beta was released is quite phenominal, with the number of posts per month almost three times what it was in that time.

I’ll revisit this in a few months time, to see if the Flex community continues to grow at this pace.