Flex 2 and Automation – My Max Talk

Max 2006, the Adobe Conference, starts in a little over two weeks and I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my talk.

This year, I’ll be talking on Flex 2 and Automation.

Some of you may be asking what Automation is. Without pre-empting my talk, automation is the automatic control of software, be that building, running or testing.

A large part of my talk will center around automation and testing. In particular, I’ll talk about and show a demonostration of Mercury Quick Test Professional being used to control a Flex application, as a means to functional testing.

I am seriously impressed with what the Flex product team has done in their efforts to make Flex applications testable in this manner and I’d urge enterprise development teams to consider its use.

If you haven’t already signed up to go to Max, you’d better hurry up. Did I mention that it’s in Las Vegas – what better excuse do you need? Who knows, you might even bump into Elvis…