Flex Automation (My Max Talk)

Its been brought to my attention that I never got around to posting the presentation slides from my Max talk in Las Vegas last year. The talk was on Flex Automation, and covered, amongst other things, Automatic Build Systems, the Automation of Flex Unit Testing and Flex Functional Testing with Mercury Quick Test Pro and the Flex QTP Plugin (which was then in beta, but has since been released as part of Flex 2.0.1).

The presentation can be downloaded from here. I hope someone finds it useful.

Some of what is covered in the presentation has been augmented by the work Peter Martin from the EMEA Consulting group has done on his blog. In particular, if you want to keep up to date with the work we’re doing on testing and continuous integration, keep an eye on his blog.

2 Responses to Flex Automation (My Max Talk)

  1. Arian says:

    Hi McLeod!
    Do you have any idea if will be possible to work with Flex AT and Rational Functional Tester? And when?
    I´m a Rational Functional Tester user and I´d like to know if will be possible to work with Rational and Flex AT together.
    I had ask the same question to IBM, but they still haven´t answer me.
    In the presentation you said that will be release something like custom adapters. How much future?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Dmitry Yun says:

    Hi Alistair, I’m having a bit of a set back here. We’ve purchased QTP in order to automate our flex front end. We ran into a bit of a knack, our developers chose to use pure AS2 and Flash in order to create the app and they wrap it into a Flex objects at deployment. I am not able to recognize the flash objects as the plug in will only let me see Flex and the Developers argue that Flex objects will be a lot heavier and it would not make sense for them to redub all the code just for automation. Any suggestions on how I can work around that?
    Thank you