FlexCoders Posting Volumes – Latest Figures

Back in September 2006, I posted a graph which showed the meteoric rise in the number of posts to the Flex maling list, FlexCoders.

A few months on, I thought it was time to post an updated graph. Here it is:

You can see that July 2006 was a particularly strong month for growth, and that although there are expected variances (eg, over the festive period), there is still a feverish amount of activity surrounding Flex.

I’ll post another update in a few months time.

5 Responses to FlexCoders Posting Volumes – Latest Figures

  1. m00n says:

    As good as the quality of flexcoders is. I would rather prefer a real forum. Digging through previous flexcoders post is a nightmare.

  2. Nice graph Alistar – what code did you use to get the “shadow” effect of the moving average line?

  3. Hi David,
    I simply applied an alpha to moving average series – 0.3 I think.

  4. TomL says:

    If you look at the forum you see a lot of posts that are unanswered, so I’m not sure what your figure actually means. it seems to me that adobe would be making every effort to get as many questions answered as possible. I’m sure for the most part the question are the result of the start up learning curve and therefore should not only be easy to answer, but provide an expanding base of flex knowledge.

  5. dereck says:

    The flexcoders mailing list is for enterprise software developers, developing Rich Internet Applications using Macromedia Flex.