New Release – Cairngorm 2.2.1 for Flex 2.0.1 with Hotfix 2

I posted last Friday about the release of Hotfix 2 for Flex 2.0.1, and how the moving of classes between the core Flex SDK and LiveCycle Data Services was causing a compiler error unless you had fds.swc on your library path.

The fix at that time was to include fds.swc on your library path, even if you did not use or need LiveCycle Data Services 2.5.

I’ve now created a new build of Cairngorm and Cairngorm Enterprise that is aligned with the new packaging of Flex 2.0.1 with Hotfix 2 applied and with LiveCycle Data Services 2.5. This packaging should also work for standard Flex 2.0.1 installations.

I’ve had to put this package together quite quickly and full testing hasn’t taken place, so this release is a Beta for now.

The only change in this release is the moving of the Consumer and Producer service locator methods from the base Cairngorm ServiceLocator into the Cairngorm Enterprise EnterpriseServiceLocator class.

You can download the packages here:

I’ve leave these package on this blog for now, until feedback has been received, and then I’ll get them moved over onto the Cairngorm page on Adobe Labs.

8 Responses to New Release – Cairngorm 2.2.1 for Flex 2.0.1 with Hotfix 2

  1. Dick says:

    While testing this, we ran into 2 issues:
    1) We already had a dispatch() method in a event subclass which we had to change to match the new dispatch method. Not a problem, just a comment.
    2) We define our services as variables, not accessors in our service locator. The AbstractService getAccessors() method is returning all accessors but no variables. Can you change the logic to also include variables?
    All I did to fix this for us was the following:
    // var accessors : XMLList = description.accessor.( @access == “readwrite” ).@name;
    var accessors : XMLList = description.variable.@name;
    Note this did work in 2.2.0

  2. Hi Dick,
    Are you sure you had 2.2 before, not 2.1, because the only change between 2.2 and 2.2.1 was the repackaging? The dispatch() method of event was definitely there and nothing changed in AbstractServices either.
    I’ll need to speak to one of our guys (he’s back next week) about the second point (changing AbstractServices to look at variables not accessors) as he added that particular bit and I wan’t to make sure we’re not inadvertantly breaking something else. Would you expect your new line to pick up both accessors and variables? If not, we’ll have to look at returning both.

  3. It appears the file has not been compiled into the cairngorm.swc as of Cairngorm 2.2.1 beta.
    When attempting to throw a CairngormError which references com.adobe.cairngorm.CairngormMessageCodes the following exception is thrown:
    Error: Could not find resource bundle CairngormMessages
    at mx.resources::ResourceBundle$/getResourceBundle()
    at com.adobe.cairngorm::CairngormError$cinit()
    at [newclass]
    at global$init()
    at CairngormTest/private::init()
    at CairngormTest/___CairngormTest_Application1_initialize()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/set processedDescriptors()
    at mx.core::Container/createComponentsFromDescriptors()
    at mx.core::Container/mx.core:Container::createChildren()
    at mx.core::UIComponent/initialize()
    at mx.core::Container/initialize()
    at mx.core::Application/initialize()
    at CairngormTest/initialize()
    at mx.managers::SystemManager/
    at mx.managers::SystemManager/private::initializeTopLevelWindow()
    at mx.managers::SystemManager/private::docFrameHandler()
    at [execute-queued]

  4. shawn gibson says:

    Hi Alistair,
    I’d like to try to install Cairngorm and throw a couple of examples up as my inital attempt at using a framework with Flex (Moxie actually)/CF7.0.2.
    Is this the right version to use? I have no interest in anything outside HTTLServices/Remoting via CF7.0.2 and using a MySQL or possibly MSSQL db. I am avoiding FDS/LCDS like the plague right now because it’s a complicating factor in my learning curve that, for my purposes right now, is not needed anyways.
    Is this here (non-Enterprise) the version I should install, and can you please recommend both some very simple and some rather complex examples available for me to get my fingers into?
    I’d much appreciate your help getting started.
    Shawn Gibson

  5. Josh R. says:

    Any news on of this is stable yet or not?

  6. Is this fixed yet? I hate to think of all the people who suffer through getting fds for nothing.

  7. Daniel Alves says:

    I am using the Cairgorm in a real project, but I got some strange errors when comunicating with the server…
    The configuration is done, I have the ServiceLocator with RemoteObjects inside it… I am using a .NET server. The communication is done with Fluorine as gateway.
    Ok, the problem is that when I call some server method, and this method launches any exception, the browser goes from 40 MB of memory to all my memory… just growing until get all memory.
    This problem only occurs when the server launches an exception. If the method call was made without any errors the flex and the cairngorm works nicely.
    I don’t know where is the problem, but I think that can be in Cairngorm, because when I used, in a previous implementation, the same remote objects to access the services, when this type of problem occurs, the flex launched an exception, showing the error from the server…