Flex Scheduling Framework – Now on FlexLib

The Flex Scheduling Framework, previously on Adobe Labs, now has a new home, as part of the FlexLib project on Google Code.

The Flex Scheduling Framework was borne out of Adobe Consulting engagements, as is not part of the Flex SDK. As such, maintenance and bug fixes were mainly community led, with Adobe Consulting staff members spending their own time to apply any fixes.

The latest release on FlexLib includes a number of bug fixes when compared to the original version that appeared on Adobe Labs. I’d like to give a thanks to those people who identified bugs and submitted fixes, and to Alex Uhlmann who applied those fixes, and some of his own, to the framework before we handed it over to FlexLib.

FlexLib contains a full source code repository, so if you want to see any new features as part of the Flex Scheduling Framework, download the source and submit your proposed changes back, for inclusion in the code repository and subsequent framework builds.

The full set of ASDocs for the Flex Scheduling Framework can be found on FlexLib, but other content is quite light on Flex Lib at present – we will migrate the Adobe Labs content to FlexLib over time.

As always, your feedback is welcome.

4 Responses to Flex Scheduling Framework – Now on FlexLib

  1. milan says:

    This is a great decision, congratulations and thanks…

  2. Erik Madsen says:

    I am just getting started with this and I am getting an error “Design mode: Error creating item flexlib.scheduling.ScheduleViewer in parent Application. Please choose Design > Refresh to refresh design mode.”

  3. Scott says:

    I’ve done some work with the Scheduling framework, yet when I submitted changes to the Flexlib group, I was told that the curator (Doug McCune, I believe) would have to ask the Adobe folks first, since they submitted the lib. However, I don’t believe he’s heard from anyone on the Adobe side. Any ideas on moving development forward on this? Seems a shame to share code with a community who cannot contribute to its success. Thx!

  4. Chana VanNice says:

    I am new to Flex. I have been spending a lot of time researching how to install/import the Scheduling Framework into my Eclipse workbench. (please excuse my terminology or lack there of, I am new to the web environment) I downloaded the flexlib-.2.4.zip file from Google code where the Flexlib exists. But I can’t seem to get it into my Eclipse. I have also used the Find/Install method but I do not seem to be putting in the correct URL for the Scheduling Framework. Could you help me?