Cairngorm on Adobe Open Source – One Week On

So, Cairngorm has been on Adobe Open Source for over one week now, and I thought I’d summarize what’s happened since.
It has been interesting to watch the community response to my announcement. To Adobe Consulting, this was a move of an already open source project from Adobe Labs to Adobe Open Source, but while the response has been extremely positive, many of the reports read as if Cairngorm becoming open source was something new.
I guess this says something about our previous messaging, and the fact that the setup on Adobe Labs wasn’t the same as Adobe Open Source, where we now a full governance and have the source code hosted on Subversion and available to all, rather than a single ZIP download of the source.
As i explained in my announcement, we made a conscious decision not to add any new features in the process of the move. We did, however, provide the facility for community feedback, and already, we’ve had a good amount of involvement.
Over on the Cairngorm Forums, we’ve had various discussions, including those on creating a test suite for Cairngorm, tooling support for Cairngorm within Flex Builder and how we should approach extending Cairngorm.
The Cairngorm Bugbase has sprung into life too, and Christophe Herreman has already submitted patches containing some initial unit tests, alongside two other bug reports with patches. We’ve also had an enhancement request, for better support for Cairngorm with Flex Modules.
JIRA, on which the Cairngorm bugbase runs, has a voting facility, so please get invovled, and vote on the bugs and enhancement requests you think should be part of a future release.
What next?
A team from Adobe Consulting met on Monday of this week to discuss the Cairngorm roadmap, both in the short-term, to apply the patches provided and ensure Cairngorm is fully up to date with the latest releases of the Flex SDK, BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services, and also looking to the future, and Cairngorm 3.
We’ll be socializing our thinking over the coming weeks
In the meantime, we encourage you to get involved in the discussions taking place on the forums or to submit enhancement requests to the bugbase.

One Response to Cairngorm on Adobe Open Source – One Week On

  1. Hi Alistair,
    I think the excitement around the move from Labs, was less to do with people not understand that the project was already Open, but more that the move gave us all the clear message that the cairngorm project was alive and well and considered important by adobe.
    I for one am looking forward to both taking part and being dragged along for the ride.
    A good move all round. In fact the whole Adobe OS site, is a very very good move indeed.
    glenn williams
    tinylion development UK