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FlexUnit on Adobe Open Source

Following on from the news that Cairngorm has been moved to Adobe Open Source, it is my pleasure to announce that FlexUnit, the unit testing framework for Flex applications, now has a new home on Adobe Open Source.
FlexUnit started its life almost 5 years ago, when I first wrote AS2Unit; at that time, it home was the iteration::two website. FlexUnit was borne from that project, and was released shortly after Flex 1.0 in March 2004.
With the release of Flex 2, a team from Adobe Developer Relations migrated the framework to ActionScript 3 and gave it a new home on Adobe Labs. However, it was soon on its move again, and ended up on Google Code as a 0.85 release of as3flexunit.
Since that time, a number of bugs have been identified, and a number fixed, but there has been no real visibility of ownership; no-one has the responsibility to build and test and release new versions to the community and the 0.85 version is fast approaching 2 years old.
We see this move as bringing FlexUnit back to its Adobe home, where it can get the attention and care it deserves.
Adobe Open Source brings a number of benefits:
* Source available via a Source Control System (Subversion)
* Availability of a bugbase for bugs and enhancement requests (JIRA)
* Developer forums for the discussion of features and roadmap
* Ability to submit code patches
Alongside this move, we’ve also taken the opportunity to do some bug fixes and have also add some new features to FlexUnit. The codebase for this release is based on revision 20 from Google Code. We realize that there have been a few subsequent changes made to that codebase since we had to branch to make our own bug fixes and enhancements, and we look to the community to reintegrate any of these changes, as necessary. We have chosen to go down this route rather than delay the release further.
The most visible set of changes to FlexUnit, and something you’ve probably already noticed from the screenshot above, is in the graphical test runner, designed by the User Experience team at Adobe Consulting.
Within the runner, we’ve added more information about the tests being run. We’ve provided the average number of asserts per test case, and also the number of asserts in each individual test case.
When tests do fail, we’ve extracted the failure information to make it clearer to the user, and, so long as you have compiled your tests with debug set to true, and are running with the debug flash player, you will also see the stack trace, to give that extra level of information not necessarily previously available.
Finally, you can now also filter your test results, for those larger projects where you have hundreds of test cases.
You can filter on individual test case names, test names, expected results or actual results, and also choose to see results based on all test cases, only those with errors or failures, or just empty test cases.
We are incredibly excited about this move, and look forward to the community getting involved through the submission of enhancement requests, code patches, documentation and taking part in the discussions around FlexUnit.
I was hoping to contact the project members of the existing as3flexunit project; unfortunately, Google Code does not let me easily identify the current members. So, if you wish to contribute to the project, please contact me.
The FlexUnit home page on Adobe Open Source can be found here.