Success Story: Adobe Media Sever and Monterey Bay Aquarium

Today – We are super-excited to share Adobe Media Server and Adobe Access success story with Monterey Bay Aquarium with all of you.

Adobe has partnered ( and licensed rights) to broadcast a 24×7 live and on demand video stream to bring the Open Sea exhibit at Monterey Bay to your living room. 

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the world’s leading ocean conservation organizations and consistently ranked top in the United States for its innovative exhibits and unsurpassed visitor experience. The Open Sea is the Aquarium’s largest exhibit (one million gallon), a place where tunas and sharks speed past, sardines swarm in huge, glittering schools, and sea turtles swim lazily across the 90-foot window.

The Live and VOD streams are powered and protected using Adobe video publishing technologies (Adobe Media Server and Adobe Access).  At the Aquarium, inside the exhibit there is a full HD camera sunk underwater. We encode the stream live at the aquarium, and push using RTMP to Adobe Media Server running on Amazon Web Services where it is converted to HLS and encrypted then its delivered to the iPad through Amazon CloudFront CDN (the same technology that powered the London Games for BBC and the Mars Rover mission). 

You can check this out with the Ipad App called SeaTV.  The iPad app is a native IOS app developed using the new Adobe Access client library for IOS. What is special about this app is that it has been build using Adobe IOS DRM client library and the very first app to be on the app store with our DRM operating on it – the VOD video is protected with Adobe Access and the Live stream is packaged and encrypted using Adobe Media Server with  AES128 bit encryption, but will soon be moving towards PHLS. When you start it up, you will notice how fast both the live and VOD streams begin – this is a great example how fast our HLS and DRM technologies operate to produce a great experience for the end user.  

We are happy to bring this learning experience to your home. Enjoy and we are sure that you will love the turtles and the tunas.

Team AMS

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