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Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

We are glad to announce the availability of Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This launch enables our customers to use marketplace features like

With Reserve instances you  can save up to 65% of your EC2 usage cost.  The availability of EBS volumes for booting would provide additional agility to applications to store their data and configurations. It also provides low latency and scalable storage required for video streaming applications. You can also add additional layers of security by hosting your applications in an Amazon VPC.

The AMS 5.0.3 AMI available on CentOS 6.3 can be searched on the Amazon marketplace or launched directly from here . The underlying software remains the same allowing you to do HTTP Streaming for your Live and Video On Demand events. You can also use the server for P2P communication using the RTMFP protocol.  Different Amazon EC2 instances come with pre-configured RTMFP connections as detailed here.

Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services Marketplace


Older Versions

The AMIs for older version like FMS 4.0 will not be available as these versions have reached the End of their official support timeline.

AMS 5 offers features like Protected Streaming, Closed Captioning and Support for Multiple Language Streams besides several enhancements in HTTP Streaming and P2P communication workflows.

All new AMIs for Adobe Media Server will be made available only on the Amazon Marketplace platform.

The Devpay AMIs are also available currently and we invite our Amazon Devpay customers to take the benefits of Amazon Marketplace.


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