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Announcing Adobe Media Server 5.0.1

Today, we announce the launch of Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 – a product that has completed a successful decade in the Video Streaming industry. Adobe Media Server is  targeted for Broadcasters, Enterprises and Governments across the world for their video on demand and live Streaming initiatives. It  enables adaptive bit rate streaming to desktop and mobile devices along with content protection. It has features to enable DVR, IP multicast, Application multicast, Media origin configurations that are useful in global video streaming workflows.

In the communication space, Adobe Media Server supports scalable P2P communication like in Online Games, many to many Video Chats on Social networks and in Collaborative Web Conferencing.

Our recent success stories include Streaming of BBC Olympics and landing of NASA Mars Rover Curiosity.

Adobe Media Server Logo

Adobe Media Server Logo

Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 brings to you – Closed Captioning compliance, DRM protection for millions of iOS Devices and Playback Support for Multiple Language Audio Tracks. Before we detail these features – let us tell you about a few goodies.

There is a Starter edition that is free for you to try out the various features. Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 comes bundled with Adobe Media Gateway – a powerful technology to connect SIP telephony devices to flash based applications.  The Sample Player that gets in the bundle and the Flash Media Live Encoder together provides a comprehensive suite of technologies to jump start your Video Streaming initiatives. There is a Closed captioning plug-in which helps you to play HDS and RTMP closed captions. And there is Adobe Access iOS library written in Objective C for your HLS DRM players.

We have simplified the product upgrades pricing from the earlier versions.  The product has also been re-branded to reflect our reach beyond Flash devices.  We would explain the features now.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning allows the content provider to display text overlayed on the video content thus providing

Adobe Media Server enables Closed captions compliance as per FCC regulations

Adobe Media Server enables Closed captions compliance as per FCC regulations

additional information about the video content to the consumers. The term “closed” in closed captioning indicates that the captions are not made part of the video by default. Hence, the captions have to be decoded/extracted by an external tool.  Adobe Media Server supports  CEA-608 (also called Line 21) and CEA -708 closed captions in video files containing H264 video codecs. This plays in HLS, HDS and RTMP Streaming protocols.

Additionally, the timed text track defined by Apple for Quicktime movie files is also supported. AMS provides a tool to convert videos with timed text tracks to videos with captions embedded in H264 video codecs.

Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 also provides support to embed your content programmatically while encoding the content via an AMF message. This works for RTMP and HDS techniques. More details can be read in our User Guide. The Closed Captioning  feature provided by Adobe Media Server will help the US broadcasters achieve FCC compliance.

AMS Player playing a video with Closed captions

AMS Player playing a video with Closed captions

Support for Multi Language tracks

Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 has support for including multiple language tracks for HTTP video streams, without requiring duplication and repackaging of the video for each audio track. This feature, called as “late” binding of audio tracks allow content providers to easily provide multiple language tracks for a given video asset, at any time before or after the asset’s initial packaging. The initial packaging of the video asset can include an audio track, and the publisher can still choose to provide one or more additional audio tracks for the video. The OSMF framework based Strobe Media player provides support for allowing the viewers to switch between audio tracks either before or during playback. Read Details here.

Content  Protection for HLS Streams

Adobe Media Server offers both stream and content protection across HLS, HDS and RTMP protocols. It also enables DRM protection using the Adobe Access DRM license server.

In this release, we added the ability to provide Adobe Access DRM protection to HLS streams. Now, Adobe Media Server can dynamically segment, encrypt, and deliver standard MP4 assets using the HLS format with Adobe Access DRM policies on native Apple iOS applications (using the Adobe Access Objective-C library for iOS). This would enable broadcasters using our Adobe Access DRM  to secure their streams to millions of iOS devices

Adobe Media Server 5 also supports a light weight content protection of HLS video streams using Adobe Access protection but without requiring a separate license server. This technique is called PHLS ( Protected HLS). Here  the content encryption key is sent via a metadata that has the license files and the access rights are negotiated between the player and the Adobe Media Server instead of a license server.

Please check out the Release notes for the  list of bugs that have been fixed. There are new documents being made available on Developer Centre. So check that out as well. Product Features, Pricing and Edition comparison can be done on the Product pages. If there are any queries – you can always reach us out on our Forums.

If you are new to Adobe Media Server – we hope you get started using the Free Starter edition.

We are committed to deliver awesome features that simplify your Video Streaming flows. So stay connected and  expect more action from us in the coming months.


Team AMS