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Please take note I moved my blog from to I’ll posting there going forward, thanks for subscribing and reading my blog!!!

Have you migrated from AS2 to AS3 yet?

If not THEN you need to read this:

Top 8 Resources for Learning ActionScript 3

Fireworks 101 – Come join Cleveland AUG via Connect

All – I’ll be giving an Adobe Fireworks 101 presentation to the Cleveland Adobe User
Group via Acrobat Connect today! Come join me if you have time. 🙂

Fireworks 101 – 6:30pm GMT, (Today in 30 minutes)

Cleveland Adobe User Group

Speaking at AUG in Dallas, Texas

I’ll be presenting on Adobe Fireworks
CS4 and demonstrating the integration with Creative Suite 4. The presentation is on Saturday (1/17) in Dallas, Texas at the Nerdabout bookstore for 2 hours! If you’ve seen me speak in person before then you’ll know I’m very open to questions and can tailor the presentation to be what you want to see. I hope to see everyone there!

DFWAUG Meeting
Fireworks CS4 with Alan Musselman

Also take note I’ve had to hold off starting the Fireworks Jam Sessions due to extended break and going to Dallas to be with family the day before my presentation.

Fireworks Jam Sessions and the new year

Starting with the new year 2009, I’ll be actively moving forward with the totally informal Fireworks Jam Session that you can only know about if you found my blog. 😉 Now my question for you all is what time works for you? It appears having the session at 10am PST works great for most of the world except for Austraila and other regions. I’m thinking about hosting this presentation at 5pm PST versus 10am PST. If there are no strong opinions about the time, I’ll make a decision while planning my new years resolutions for 2009!

Keep in mind there will be no Jam Sessions till the first week of January and I look forward to seeing you all there! I’ll post a link to the jam session a couple days before Thursday so be on the lookout!

Happy holidays everyone!

Vivek from i2fly sent me a Fireworks source PNG with mobile device backgrounds to share with the Fireworks community for the holidays. Check it out!

Fire on the Bay was a lot fun!

Last night was the Fire on the Bay in San Francisco. The group was a lot of fun as we celebrated Fireworks 10th Anniversary and gave away a lot of Adobe goods. One of the demos I gave was how to create a custom keyboard shortcut. The example I used was recording a history step for flipping objects horizontally, saving that history step as a command and then mapping a new keyboard shortcut which allowed me to flip objects using a keyboard shortcut and not menu items, yah!

Canceling Fw Jam session today

Sorry folks, I just realized we need to cancel the weekly jam session for today as I am attending and working at uxweek hosted by Adpative Path. (
I took down the jam session announcement as well until I can update the link and add new information.

Adobe Fireworks and Cooper

Wow! Nick and Tim did a video for Adobe TV on how and why they use Adobe Fireworks at Cooper for visual design and interaction! Enjoy!

Fireworks Tips and Tricks – Cooper
Watch video

Fireworks jam session recordings

Today’s Fireworks jam session was cool. I demo’d where we are with our style improvements with Fireworks CS4 public beta. You can check out the recording and download the Fireworks source file from the Files pod in the recording here:

Fireworks jam session (6-19-08)

Watch the previous session which included Zero showing off a Songbird skin he created in Fireworks CS4 public beta. He even uploaded the source into the Files pod for further development and/or learning purposes. Have fun!

Fireworks jam session (6-11-08)

Create an interactive PDF with Fireworks public beta

Check out this article by Jim Babbage on the Fireworks Developer Center that teaches you how to use the new Acrobat PDF export feature!

Creating an interactive PDF file from a multipage document in Fireworks CS4 beta

Thanks Jim!