Ah..The sweet aroma of the first entry ~

I am pleased to share with you my thoughts, FW shaolin techniques, new findings with technology and science, and industry opinions while working at Macromedia.
My passion at Macromedia is to be the best I can be while helping customers find a solution to fix the issue their experiencing with one of our products specifically the Studio MX 2004 products and also Contribute and Contribute Publishing Services. I’ll mainly focus my entries towards using Fireworks MX 2004 and expose helpful tips for everyone to enjoy.
I am a strong believer that Fireworks has the best workflow and will save you time and money when developing websites for clients.
I survived for many years using DW/FW/FL as my tools of the trade and I feel its time for me to give back to the community what you gave me to get where I’m at today.
Before working at Macromedia, I was (and still am) a Web Designer / Developer “Deseloper” as (Jen DeHaan calls it) for 11 years of my life. I survived the dotcom bomb days and was fortunate to have a job when the industry became overly saturated with developers. It was a challenging time for all of us. Only the strong survive and the weak find another gig.