Great resource for Fireworks Tips!

Thanks to Thierry Lorey for creating a site devoted to Fireworks Tips, with an archive full of juicy tidbits of helpful information to improve your skills in Fireworks.
Be sure to surf the left-hand nav to view the various categories.
His main resource which I forgot to mention is Fireworkszone
I would highly suggest checking out both sites if you’re looking for new ideas/techniques. Personally, I really dig Thierry’s pattern techniques, he’s got quite a style to share with the community.

3 Responses to Great resource for Fireworks Tips!

  1. senocular says:

    As a contributor to the tips listed (in fact most of the tips listd when the site was launched were taken from one of my geekforum posts) and the creator of the auto shape that created the logo, I would like to recommend this site as well 😀
    Be sure not to miss the parent site:

  2. R.Carlyle says:

    Great site recommendation!!! I’m an up and coming designer and I really needed some tools to work with. I found a lot of great stuff there.

  3. Cool! Have fun while your at it!