Check out the Fireworks “Geek Forum”

I gotta tell you…I’ve never seen so many hardcore Fireworks gurus in one place.

This Fireworks forum has got to be one of the best around with FW users from all over the world sharing tips, techniques, debates, improving workflows and best of all, creating a synergy for others to learn from their trial and errors. Since Fireworks is all about…well web graphics, its nice to see members can upload PNGs/JPGs directly to the threads. This feature makes the process easier for everyone to understand what the thread creator is talking about and particitpate actively.

I poked around on it yesterday and found myself diving into the "galaxies,vectors,tech interfces" thread. Sheesh…talk about some stellar creations, I decided to participate myself. I noticed no one was using the Star Auto Shape for lens flares and I gotta tell you, its pretty simple to create a flare once you learn how to interact with the Auto…I got side-tracked with my design and created a "Lens flares using the Star Auto Shape" tutorial so others can learn how to create Flares using an Auto Shape. There’s also a custom command that generates a Star background, check it out.

I’m not sure if Geek Forums has gotten a Thank you from a Macromedian before, but here’s mine, "THANK YOU". You guys soo rock over there and keep up the great threads. I’ll stop by more often and offer my expertise and assistance when I can.


2 Responses to Check out the Fireworks “Geek Forum”

  1. Kim C. says:

    Interesting to see one of my former students posting in that group. Cool stuff! If I could only arrange a few more hours in my day I’d love to hang out there some.

  2. sdffd says: