Want to start creating custom commands or SWF panels?

The Fireworks API (PDF with methods/propertys) gives you the ability to develop SWF panels, commands and Auto Shapes that designers/developers can use in Fireworks on a day to day basis. One of the things that amazes me the most about developers integrating Flash panels in Fireworks or custom commands is the fact it improves your workflow or gives you new ways of looking at the User Interface in Fireworks.

If you want to improve the FW interface to your liking or add new functionality, this would take a decent knowledge in ActionScript and/or JavaScript, but its not difficult to get started developing your own panels/commands.

Here’s a couple resources in case you decide to take on the challenge and manipulate or add new abilites to Fireworks.

Check out Steven Grosvenor’s excellent craftmanship at Phireworx. The Batch process panel (Image Editor Pro) is something else.