Control SWF rendering in Contribute

Here’s the bits to add a new menu item called "Flash Preview" with the "Play/Stop all" control in Contribute.

Paste wherever you would like the menu item to appear in the menu hierarchy. I placed it in-between the "Table" and "Help" items in the ccmenus.xml file found in:

C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Contribute 3\Configuration\Menus

<menu name="_Flash Preview" id="Flash_Preview">
<menuitem name="Play _All" key="Cmd+Opt+Shift+P" enabled="dw.getFocus() == ‘document’" command="dw.getDocumentDOM().playAllPlugins()" id="DWMenu_View_Plugins_PlayAll" />
<menuitem name="S_top All" key="Cmd+Opt+Shift+X" enabled="dw.getFocus() == ‘document’" command="dw.getDocumentDOM().stopAllPlugins()" id="DWMenu_View_Plugins_StopAll" />


One Response to Control SWF rendering in Contribute

  1. Bill Lane says:

    This is great! I take it then that much of (all ?) the functionality of DW is potentially available to Contribute using DW javascript. How do we know what commands are available? I know how to make commands from the History panel and then open the commands to find out the js involved. Is there a more straight forward way to find available commands?