Lorem Ipsum sup wha huh!?

Have you ever needed to use filler text for a design mock and used either jibberish or went to a site and snagged their content? What about changing all the content in a textfield from lowercase to uppercase?
Senocular created a command for Fireworks that does this for you automagically, nice!
Download the Text command from Senocular’s site

7 Responses to Lorem Ipsum sup wha huh!?

  1. John says:

    theres a website too that will create the text for you, in case you need it in another program.
    There is a Dreamweaver plugin too (on MM exchange I think)

  2. chris clark says:

    I love the latin generator extension.
    This is my text fill bookmark for latin text : Augustine’s Confessions…
    Complete translations and notes if you’ve got the time 😉

  3. Rick says:

    There is also a Firefox extension that generates Lorem Ipsum as well:
    This is great when testing forms.

  4. John Waller says:

    There’s also the “Lorem and More” Dreamweaver extension.
    Lorem and more offers you the choice of traditional Lorem ipsum, a bit of genuine Cicero, random corporate nonsense, and for romantics — Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare. It also offers a choice of format — paragraphs, continuous text, ordered and unordered lists, and in the case of Shakespeare, formally laid out as a sonnet.

  5. There’s another ‘filler text’ extension for Fireworks here:

  6. Anatoliy says:

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