Handling multiple domains pointing to one IP address (virtual servers) in Contribute

Depending on how your environment is setup, you might have multiple DNS’s or some type of Virtual server configuration that will conflict when setting up site(s) that point to the same IP address. You’ll quickly find out you can only connect to one site (typically the first the one you setup) and not the other on the same IP.

Contribute will automatically find and detect any alternate Web Addresses and will add them to the Web Addresses tab found in the Administration panel of Contribute.

Here’s how to remedy this issue, in Contribute 3.1 go to:

  1. Edit > My Connections
  2. Enable the site if its not already enabled and click the “Administer…” button in the top-right.
  3. Select the Web Server link on the left column
  4. Under the "Web Addresses" tab, remove any IP addresses and remove any host names that are not associated with the main site.