What’s with the Oriental Theme?

Some may wonder why I picked an oriental theme for my blog. A lot of my appreication for asian art comes from my mother when she went through an oriental phase and explored various mediums used by traditional artists and here I am…just a little kid wondering what I was looking at with no appreciation until I was older and majored in Art in school. She used to have this amazing Oriental bed with a large headboard that had tight, intricate patterns carved out of the mahogany wood. I was completely fascinated by this wonderful piece of art yet it was just a King-size bed. Ever since then, I’ve been on my own quest…exploring asian patterns, colors, and textures.

I’m currently exploring ChinaTown (San Francisco, 20 min walk away from my flat) and other avenues for a traditional artist to give me private lessons since I stare (and others tell me I stare) way too much at the computer. Yet, are these people telling me I stare too much at the computer really into computers or is it just me? Sigh…true signs of a computer addict right here folks.

Thank goodness I live in San Francisco now, (used to live in Dallas, TX) I can finally get out of the casa and see something completely different every weekend ….blows me away. This is how crazy this last weekend was in SF, I woke up and stumbled into the kitchen to get some water. Samantha (my kitty) meows because she doesn’t have any food, I grab the cat food to find out there’s none left..crap..so I put on my shoes and went on a search for Cat food. Unfortunately, the 3 corner markets around me were closed so I had to walk up to Market Street, by the time I got a street away, it sounded like there was a Motorcycle show, but it was the Dykes on Bikes group sailing down Market Street …I completely forgot it was Gay Pride Weekend, there must have been a million people spread through out downtown watching the parade!


Anyways, I’m completely mystified by the orient and hope I can master the rare techniques used by the ancients. Sorry for running off-topic there, it was just too much fun seeing all the people having a good time…

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