Eric Dolecki and Podcasting? Sweet!

For those of you that havent downloaded Itunes 4.9 yet, do it now! Developer junkies are finding Podcasts to be an easy way to talk about web related technologies and anything else thats on their minds. One Podcast that I found interesting is Eric Dolecki’s podcast. Once you’ve downloaded the new Itunes, go to:

  1. Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast…
  2. Add to the URL field and click ok.
  3. Listen to the first Podcast

One of the reasons I really like Podcasts is I can continue working while staying engaged in the cast. Its like having someone right next to you that speaks your language and considering developers are spread all across the globe, this is a good way to pull all of us together.

Eric Dolecki’s personal blog and website showcasing interactive technology/

Be sure to check it out, I cant wait to hear what he has to say next! Thanks Eric!

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