First Open Studio Discussion…Success

Although only a couple people showed up, it was fun using Breeze as the communication tool of choice and helping others or just plain chatting. I also had the pleasure of remembering how painful it is to reskin the V2 components. It appears the only way to build a top-notch quality component design is by building the component from the ground up instead of wrapping the design around the V2 components, but then again it all depends on the design and app as well.

Your welcome to join and I would be honored to have you attend and collaborate with us. I’m mainly focused on helping Studio users, but if you have a question about Contribute or CPS (Contribute Publishing Services), I can help out there as well and look forward to any challenges you bring to the table.

I also apologize to everyone that has asked me to reschedule due to timezone conflicts…Im finding this to be a difficult task to accomplish, but I could meet Saturday mornings as well if that would help. If there’s a demand (1 or 2 peeps), I’ll be there.

Just curious, but what timezone are you in?

One Response to First Open Studio Discussion…Success

  1. Dujodu says:

    Heeeey, I was there and had a great time. Thanks for the help on the component skinning Alan! I’m in CST, so 7:00 == 9:00 to me. I got started on some Fireworks extensions and they are pretty addicting.