How to use MMExecute to issue an Alert in Fireworks (FLA)

Flash developers can easily embed Fireworks API commands by using the MMExecute which basically allows JavaScript to pass through ActionScript to interact with Fireworks MX 2004. Some ideas are to create Flash panels that can change and manipulate bitmap objects on the canvas or randomizing various shapes users can pick from with ease.

Check out the FLA to popup a simple alert in Fireworks

Download Alert.fla

In Flash, be sure to change the SWF publish settings path (File > Publish Settings) to the directory below and use Shift-F12 to export the swf to be tested in the Fireworks environment.

C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Fireworks MX 2004\Configuration\Command Panels

Note: After the swf has been published to the directory above, access the flash panel in Window > Alert

While debugging the flash panel, you can update an "existing panel" that has already been loaded into FW (fresh boot), but if you decide to create a "new panel" while Fireworks is open then it will not work properly. Close and restart FW to load the new panel. A workflow I use to update an existing flash panel is to close the panel in FW then reopen it (Window > Alert), and the changes will be reflected w/o restarting FW.

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