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The corpse (bus) that almost hit me!

What’s up with traffic today in San Francisco? I thought I’d never hear myself say that being from Texas and having to drive *everywhere* in the city, but walking to work everyday has made me look at traffic in a whole new light and appreciate my surroundings.

I almost got vaporized by the 9AX muni bus in San Francisco while crossing the street at Harrison/6th. While in mid-air, I caught a glimpse of the ad on the bus of terror called "CorpseBride" which is Tim Burton’s new movie coming out sometime in the near future.

When I finally got home and calmed down a bit, I had to check the CorpseBride site out and see what the movie was about. One of the interesting things to note here is they have a rich graphical interface for the homepage. So yes, me being a freak, I had to peep at the source and noticed they used Fireworks to slice up the homepage elements with an Enter button to proceed to the Flash site.

I could just be used to this type of workflow, but I really like how this site was put together from beginning to end. Im sure they were on a tight deadline and pressured, so what else would you use? If you can tell me of a better workflow/solution than what they implemented for this type of site, then I’m all ears.

This is what I really like about using the Studio apps is being able to create and express my creativity through graphically rich sites. Pay attention to the detail in the Flash site and be sure to roll your mouse over various elements even if the elements look like they wont move…you’ll be surprised.

Can’t wait to see what they can do with Studio 8!!

Job well done!

Just realized its time for the Open Studio Discussion. Feel free to join in, its from 7-9PST tonight….er…right now!

Macromedia LiveDocs and how they can help you

I must admit a lot of the customers I work with in support do not utilize the full potential of Macromedia LiveDocs. Once they realize you can view comments that have been submitted by other developers that hit the same road block they did…they never go back to using the documentation in the app itself unless it’s for general knowledge.

The LiveDocs are super powerful in my opinion by allowing tech writers the ability to make changes on the fly if necessary and allowing anyone to submit a helpful tip or workaround to an issue that cannot be resolved easily.

The Dreamweaver and Flash community eats the LiveDocs up like its icing on a cake and now Fireworks 8 will have the ability to use LiveDocs which is fantastic and something I’ve been waiting to have for quite some time. 😉

Although, Im not seeing the Contribute/Flashpaper community as active as I thought it would be and hopefully that will change since Contribute issues can get pretty hairy and complex depending on the customer’s environment. I’m expecting to see this change with Contribute included in Studio 8 now. Woohoo!

Also, for us commandos in support, this is a useful way to get a workaround or update out ASAP without dealing with all the normal channels we have to go through to get something published. Ya!

Benefits you have with LiveDocs:

  • Fresh and updated Documentation
  • Add comments to help others that might hit the same scenario
  • Read comments so you don’t spend hours figuring something out that someone else already did for you.

LiveDocs have been around for quite some time now and have helped me out a ton.

Here’s an example of how it helps others:

Using the ProgressBar component

Do you find the LiveDocs helpful? What would you change about them to make them even easier to use? Not that anything would change, but Im just curious if anyone has a better way of doing it. I love LiveDocs! Would I marry them?? Maybe. 😛

Fireworks Guru: Linda Rathgeber-Stewart

Well, I’ve been slacking on my Other Fireworks Guru once a week post, but with good reasons!

Today, Im acknowledging Linda Rathgeber-Stewart as a Fireworks guru. Back in the day when I used to post to the Macromedia Fireworks forum looking for answers to my questions, she would reply and give me fantastic feedback, plus she would give me ideas I wouldnt have thought about, so it gives me great pleasure to give Linda my props for all the help she’s given the Fireworks community with more to come with Fireworks 8 and the Studio in general.


Linda also works as a design subcontractor for Roubaix Interactive, Easter Asociates, Webeze, Electric Sage Designs, and Great Web Sights.

In April of this year she was one of a handful of designers asked to submit a Web site redesign plan for AusAID, the Australian Overseas Aid agency. (Her design was selected.) The new site should go live in about a month. Other than the occasional photo retouching in Photoshop, she works exclusively in Fireworks.

Be sure to check out her site: Playing with Fire.

Thanks Linda!!

Out for a Test-drive with Studio 8

That’s the title of the article I wrote for the EDGE newsletter about a site we built using the Studio Betas. If anyone’s interested we can post the FLA’s/CSS so peeps can check out how it was done when the Studio apps are available for download. Let me know if your interested and I’ll make sure this happens.

Read Article 04:

The Studio 8 launch couldn’t have been released at a better time than now. In my honest opinion, the web industry as a whole is coming back to life like it was back in 1998. Before only the strong survived the dotcom days and the weak had to pursue other options. Now, it seems companies are snatching up who they can these days just to keep up with the amount of work coming through the pipes. Craziness…

As of today, I’m seeing so many *new* users that are wanting to get their hands on the Studio 8 that its not even funny. Current Studio Professionals are busting at the seams trying to get their hands on it. All I can say is patience!! It will be out soon enough for all of you to enjoy and maximize its true potential. What really razzles me, is I want to go back into designing/developing 8-15 hours a day….I really miss that, but being in support definitely has its advantages that I may someday reveal to all of you.

Canceling Open Studio Discussion session tonight

Hi all,
This is a heads up that Im canceling tonights Open Studio Discussion session. Looks like Im flying into San Francisco a little later than I expected. The next session will be on August 30th 7-9PST. Hope to see you there.

Macromedia Studio 8 has been announced!

After months of playing with the alphas and betas, Im pleased to announce, Studio 8 has finally arrived. Almost every customer I talk to has seen the Sneak Peeks from MAX2004 and other sources and has asked when is the next Studio going to be released…well today, you can read all about the hype at!

This is such a relief for me since I work with customers (you!) on a daily basis. You have no idea how much I wanted to tell you about all the new features within the Studio. So now, if you ask me questions, I can give you an answer!! Woohoo!

Be sure to check out the Feature Tours for each app here:

You also gotta check out the meet your match app for the new Studio! If still up for finding out more information, then dont miss out on the new articles in the Developer Center.

Time to get back to work? Be sure to get notified so you can go download the new apps when they become available.


Its that time again….for another Open Studio Discussion mtg!

Once again, please join us to discuss Studio Integration tips, show off something cool, play with Breeze 5. I know one thing I will show is the FW > FL workflow and how that can improve your workflow in certain situations.
Open Studio Discussion (7-9pm PST)
Click Enter as Guest, add your name and your ready to go.
I’d also like to know what times you guys prefer, if any at all.
7-9pm works great for me since I can relax at home and drink a brewsky.
Cya tonight!