Macromedia Studio 8 has been announced!

After months of playing with the alphas and betas, Im pleased to announce, Studio 8 has finally arrived. Almost every customer I talk to has seen the Sneak Peeks from MAX2004 and other sources and has asked when is the next Studio going to be released…well today, you can read all about the hype at!

This is such a relief for me since I work with customers (you!) on a daily basis. You have no idea how much I wanted to tell you about all the new features within the Studio. So now, if you ask me questions, I can give you an answer!! Woohoo!

Be sure to check out the Feature Tours for each app here:

You also gotta check out the meet your match app for the new Studio! If still up for finding out more information, then dont miss out on the new articles in the Developer Center.

Time to get back to work? Be sure to get notified so you can go download the new apps when they become available.


11 Responses to Macromedia Studio 8 has been announced!

  1. Guy Watson says:

    Alphas and betas? I dont believe your supposed to acknowledge your inclusion in beta programs with Macromedia.

  2. Guy Watson says:

    Unless of course u work for Macromedia 😉

  3. Shony says:

    can you put some screenshots for us, or write a little review. I am sure MM don`t show us all little improvements in new FW. I know they are busy right now 😉

  4. Guy –
    I would call the Studio “candy” since I feel like a kid in a candy store here at MM, but internal builds might sound better. 😛
    Shony –
    Yes! In due time…in due time. I should have something up later this week. It’s been busy around here in case you havent noticed!!

  5. Shony says:

    Thanks Alan!
    I noticed. That was just a friendly joke. I am just too curious.
    B.T.W. all new things, about FW are great

  6. Shony –
    Well, I gotta say…the one feature I’ve been waiting for is to “lock objects” within a layer.
    It’s about time!!!
    This will definitely make organizing objects (bitmaps/vectors) within a layer a lot more manageable than before.
    That feature alone is worth the upgrade to me…everything else is bonus!

  7. L14N says:

    I’m so amazed how Macromedia has improved the Fireworks application. Thanks so much Alan for listening the requests and make them visible at the Macromedia team.
    The 25 blend modes and plus “lock objects” are great additions to the new version.

  8. Dujodu says:

    This is great news. I’m extremely excited about Flash 8. It looks like it will by far have the most new features of all the products, and will probably effect most people (end user included). This is going to be amazing!

  9. Giancarlo says:

    Congratulations to all Macromedia Team 😀

  10. Z3bbster says:

    You know what im going to say!

  11. Z3bbster –
    What’s that?! That you’re going to lock yourself in a room and suck up food intravenously while developing sites and Flash apps? 😉