The corpse (bus) that almost hit me!

What’s up with traffic today in San Francisco? I thought I’d never hear myself say that being from Texas and having to drive *everywhere* in the city, but walking to work everyday has made me look at traffic in a whole new light and appreciate my surroundings.

I almost got vaporized by the 9AX muni bus in San Francisco while crossing the street at Harrison/6th. While in mid-air, I caught a glimpse of the ad on the bus of terror called "CorpseBride" which is Tim Burton’s new movie coming out sometime in the near future.

When I finally got home and calmed down a bit, I had to check the CorpseBride site out and see what the movie was about. One of the interesting things to note here is they have a rich graphical interface for the homepage. So yes, me being a freak, I had to peep at the source and noticed they used Fireworks to slice up the homepage elements with an Enter button to proceed to the Flash site.

I could just be used to this type of workflow, but I really like how this site was put together from beginning to end. Im sure they were on a tight deadline and pressured, so what else would you use? If you can tell me of a better workflow/solution than what they implemented for this type of site, then I’m all ears.

This is what I really like about using the Studio apps is being able to create and express my creativity through graphically rich sites. Pay attention to the detail in the Flash site and be sure to roll your mouse over various elements even if the elements look like they wont move…you’ll be surprised.

Can’t wait to see what they can do with Studio 8!!

Job well done!

Just realized its time for the Open Studio Discussion. Feel free to join in, its from 7-9PST tonight….er…right now!