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Fireworks Guru: Alex Mariño

If you’ve surfed the Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks forums, chances are you’ve ran into Alex Mariño in one way or another. He enjoys hanging out in the forums or related sites to collaborate with others, solve problems and find solutions or workarounds to issues he experiences while using the Studio everyday.

"For the web design I have not found anything more powerful than the Dreamweaver – Fireworks combination. I am limited only by my imagination and technical skills in what I can create. I use them exclusively for web design and pretty much live in them everyday."

Alex currently works full time developing internal and external sites for Student Assistance Foundation as well as developing sites on the side.

Fireworks added to MXNA

Hey Fireworks bloggers!

There was an overwhelming amount of responses about why this was not on the Aggregator. Even Trevor over at created a petition about the issue. Well I’m pleased to announce Fireworks is now a Cateogory in the MXNA Aggregator.

If you already have an existing blog on MXNA and blog about Fireworks in some form or fashion, please email me directly so we can add you to the category. (amusselman \|/ macromedia you know where)

If you do not have a blog approved at MXNA, please add the blog using the Submit Feed form.


Two Support Gurus just got MM blogs

Welcome John Nosal for Fireworks and Ken Toley for Flash. This is truly an exciting day for Studio users. The more bloggers out there discussing Studio related issues and expressing their opinions is fantastic. Keep a close eye on John and Ken as Im sure we will see some interesting topics emerging.

John Nosal – Fireworks

John’s already jumped into Podcasting and posted a couple questions about Fireworks Popup Menus and what others think about them. I’ll be interested to see how this post turns out.

Ken Toley – Flash

Ken has already expressed his past challenges with programming in general and with ActionScript and is sharing information with the Flash Community. Be sure to keep track of Ken’s posts. He always has a good read waiting there for you.

Fireworks Guru: Joyce Evans

I must say…reading Joyce’s tutorials or shall I say books concerning Fireworks is always exciting for me. The last book I read by her was the Zero to Hero for FWMX2004. I’ve referenced that book on countless occasions and was surprised to find tips I didnt even know existed in FWMX2004.

Joyce has a ton of experience in educational teaching, tutorial development, and Web Design. I would also like to mention she’s the Fireworks Editor for the MX Developers Journal magazine. To find out more about Joyce, visit her Web Design Studio at or her personal site at for tutorials, postings, and more.

There’s just something about people that are nice and willing to help someone out. It’s priceless.

Thanks for being you Joyce!

Flash slideshow generated with Fireworks 8!

Yes, you heard that right! Batch images (large and thumbs at the same time) and generate an XML file that gets loaded into a SWF file instantly (depending on how many images you batch). Its un-believable with what you can do with Firework’s API and Flash 8 to create some of the best extensions out there.

Currently, you can download the sample FLAs for the Fireworks Album Player which have a few goodies implemented such as using Slice-9.

There’s also a couple Flash Developers creating different versions of the Slideshow so check the site for any updates to the Creator or the Default Fireworks Album Players. If you build one, please post it in the forums so everyone knows about it!

Studio Open Discussion..starts in 40 minutes..

Anyone interested in showing off some new tricks or tips, have issues with the Studio and need help, feel free to join in.
(7-9pm PST)
See ya in a few! 🙂

Studio 8…ready for download!

Sit down and relax….its Exploring time!

In case you havent heard about the Studio 8 launch yet, visit or check out the fresh Developer Centers below:

Dreamweaver Developer Center

Fireworks Developer Center

Flash Developer Center


Add rounded corners to rectangles in Flash using the keyboard

Way back when, I had an issue with having to double-click the rectangle tool to add rounded corners to a rectangle object in Flash. Not sure who told me at MM at the time, but you can simply hold the mouse button when inserting a rectangle on the stage and hold down the up or down arrow keys to adjust the rounded corners *real-time*!

This was back in the Flash 4 days I believe, maybe it was 5, but anyhoo, I was creating a rectangle with rounded corners and a co-worker asked how i did that without using the prompt.

Thought you might find this tip useful! 🙂