Studio Open Discussion..starts in 40 minutes..

Anyone interested in showing off some new tricks or tips, have issues with the Studio and need help, feel free to join in.
(7-9pm PST)
See ya in a few! 🙂

3 Responses to Studio Open Discussion..starts in 40 minutes..

  1. Alan Musselman says:

    Hey people, not sure whats going on. Im having probs letting people in…

  2. Alexandre Madurell says:

    I noticed 😀
    Well… considering the amount of downloads today from Macromedia’s site… might it be bandwidth related?
    (BTW: I’m only 9 minutes away from orgas… I mean, from finishing Flash 8 trial download) 😛
    See you soon (or in a couple of weeks) 😉

  3. Dustin says:

    Bah, I got home last night ready for some open studio discussion fun only to realize my cable & cable interent was out! There were some storms here in Milwaukee and the power was out in a lot of places. Actually my internet is STILL out at home, bummer!