Fireworks Guru: Joyce Evans

I must say…reading Joyce’s tutorials or shall I say books concerning Fireworks is always exciting for me. The last book I read by her was the Zero to Hero for FWMX2004. I’ve referenced that book on countless occasions and was surprised to find tips I didnt even know existed in FWMX2004.

Joyce has a ton of experience in educational teaching, tutorial development, and Web Design. I would also like to mention she’s the Fireworks Editor for the MX Developers Journal magazine. To find out more about Joyce, visit her Web Design Studio at or her personal site at for tutorials, postings, and more.

There’s just something about people that are nice and willing to help someone out. It’s priceless.

Thanks for being you Joyce!

2 Responses to Fireworks Guru: Joyce Evans

  1. senocular says:

    Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 Zero to Hero – $21.94
    People helping others – Priceless.

  2. I thought someone was going to say something about that, didnt know it was going to be you! 😉