Fireworks Guru: Alex Mariño

If you’ve surfed the Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks forums, chances are you’ve ran into Alex Mariño in one way or another. He enjoys hanging out in the forums or related sites to collaborate with others, solve problems and find solutions or workarounds to issues he experiences while using the Studio everyday.

"For the web design I have not found anything more powerful than the Dreamweaver – Fireworks combination. I am limited only by my imagination and technical skills in what I can create. I use them exclusively for web design and pretty much live in them everyday."

Alex currently works full time developing internal and external sites for Student Assistance Foundation as well as developing sites on the side.

2 Responses to Fireworks Guru: Alex Mariño

  1. JapiHonoo says:

    heyyyyyyyy finally someone see you 🙂
    you deserve it…
    baci from italy

  2. John Beale says:

    Cool, didn’t know. Thanks for the information.