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OSD starts in 5 minutes!

Hey all,

Just a quick reminder the Open Studio Discussion starts in 5 minutes.

Here’s a quick summary of what can happen in the Discussion:

  • Ask questions about Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash 8.
  • Show off some work that used the Studio in some form or fashion. (not limited to Studio 8)
  • Provide Tips and workarounds for various issues that could disrupt normal workflows
  • Brainstorm about possible extensions to extend the Studio
  • Chill out and have a good time exploring Breeze

Im also open to Flex, however, don’t rely on getting an answer from me. Im still learning myself. 🙂


Check out the “8 the project” developed with Studio 8

My friend and fellow co-worker Junichi Saito over in the Macromedia Japan office has sent me a link that I thought would be worth sharing with anyone that reads my blog.

"Please take a look at this, Her character name is 8-chan. When you have a close friend, little boys and girls, we call their name with –chan. For example,  Alan-chan"

The "8 the project" has stunning visuals and excellent Flash wizardry which will make any Studio 8 user oooogle over the new features they used in the project. I have explored this site from front to back and enjoyed every second of it even though I cant read Japanese very well.

Thanks for sharing Junichi-san! 🙂

Invoking Contribute’s Start page instantly

Did you know that clicking the Contribute logo in the top-right of Contribute’s interface will instantly take you back to the Start page?
Often times I find myself in a position where I need to reference the Start page and the only way I’ve been able to find how to do it quickly was to select “about: Startpage” in the Address bar or Selecting (Home Pages > Starter page)
I believe I knew about that tip awhile back and just found it again. 😉

2 new Dreamworld Fireworks Extensions!

Viktor Goltvyanitsa over at Dreamworld has busted out 2 new extensions that are worth noting for others to play with and use on a daily basis. Viktor is active in the Fireworks Forum and enjoys helping people out by creating extensions for Fireworks.

Extended CSS Menu:

Exports out the required JavaScript to make the Fireworks CSS menu semi-transparent or with an IE Drop Shadow. No more having to create a tedious transparent GIF and simulate transparency. Something important to note about this unique command is to export the JS after you export the CSS Popup Menu.

Download Extended CSS Menu

Set Resolution:

This panel gives you the ability to batch images at a specified resolution and adjusting the quality/scale and smoothness all in one shot. Its a nifty extension that I find myself using every now and then when I run into this type of workflow where I need to batch images with a specified resolution.

Download Set Resolution

Thanks Viktor! 🙂